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Prank Calls with Leon Haberdashery

Jul 17, 2021

It's my birthday, bitches! On the fifteenth episode of Prank Calls With Leon Haberdashery we called neighbors, church goers, and hotel guests!  The show intro was made by GreatBigPete, the Macho Man drop was sent in my Mbots.  The intro backing track is: Madcon - Beggin', and the outro track is: Olivia Rodrigo -Good 4...

Jul 3, 2021

On the fourteenth episode of Prank Calls With Leon Haberdashery, a majority of the calls were made on 4/20/21.  The call sequence is random as fuck, but some good calls were made.  Overall, we bothered several Tradio posters, called out of our job at Famous Dave's, and bothered several dog owners and gardeners.